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Hamtramck Drug Free Community Coalition (HDFCC)

The Hamtramck Drug Free Community Coalition was founded by the Piast Institute in 2006 in response to rising rates of substance abuse among Hamtramck youth. The coalition has grown since then to include many active community leaders from all areas of our city. HDFCC logo

These stakeholders help the coalition to host numerous exciting events for youth in Hamtramck, including the annual Hamtramck Health Hike, pre-prom events, speakers on substance abuse issues, and other signature programs.


Hamtramck, MI is a 2.1 square mile diverse, urban environment that is an enclave of Detroit. Historically, Hamtramck has had a high population of Slavic and Polish immigrants who came to the area seeking work in the Dodge Brother's Dodge Main automobile factory, the Chevrolet Gear and Axle factory, the Chevrolet Forge, the Fisher Body factory, and other auto plants. They were joined by African-American migrants from the South. In recent years more immigrants from southeastern Asia and Middle East settled in Hamtramck. Today, the main ethnic groups in Hamtramck are Bengali/Bangladeshi, Yemeni, Bosnian, Polish, and African American. The district-wide school surveys list 31 different languages and cultures represented in the student body. It is the most densely populated city in Michigan with about 10,000 people per square mile. One unique factor in our city that contributes to the problem of substance abuse is the immense number of liquor licenses. In a city of just 2.1 square miles, there are 69 active liquor licenses. Because Hamtramck is a walking city, residents, especially school children, encounter dozens of these establishments in the normal course of daily life.

Please check out the HDFCC website for yourself at: www.HamtramckDrugFree.com

Please contact HDFCC at: info@HamtramckDrugFree.org with any additional questions or call (313) 334-5503

If you would like to support this program please use the button below to make a donation. Your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.


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