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Polish American Communication Initiative (PACI)

This is a report to those of you who have joined the PACI site during its the two years of its operation. In early 2014, we launched the Polish American Communication Initiative (PACI). PACI logo

Polish American Communication Initiative (PACI) to create a resource for the Polish American community to allow it to keep up on key issues that affect our interests and our future and give it unique and powerful tool to influence them to our benefit. After an initial testing period, PACI was fully engaged in the battle to get the Visa Waiver option for Poland. In addition to our own outreach, we worked in cooperation with the American Polish Advisory Council, the Polish National Alliance and the Polish Roman Catholic Union to get Polish Americans and others to use our site as the best way to reach their Congressional representatives with minimum effort. It was a very solid first effort. Domestic Politics, especially our unusually distracting Presidential Race and International events ultimately side tracked our efforts in this Congress. We are ready to resume the effort as soon as the issue opens up.

During this period, we also devoted our efforts to focusing Congressional attention on the issue of Ukraine. We offered our site to the Ukrainian American community and many took advantage of the excellent tool we had created. In all during the last year and a half we were able to send over 1,600 messages to members of the House and Senate. As a result of PACI you were able to reach out to many members. Thirty individuals also sent messages to President Obama.

As we move ahead into the next year we expect, based on our initial experience to be even more effective. Our new campaign will have the following focus:

1. Build a continuous stream of letters to Congress on the importance of maintaining a strong NATO presence in East Central Europe and the commitment we have made to our allies in that region.

2. Develop a strong ongoing campaign to build up the number of advocates through Facebook, press releases and other media as well as through online advertising and if funding permits, through Congressional Quarterly resources.

3. Initiate an effort to use our media resources to get letters to the editors of newspapers around the country on NATO and other issues. (If you haven't tried it, check out the media link on the PACI site. It is a marvelous way to send letters to your local editor on any subject.)

4. Prepare to resume the Visa Waiver drive with our partners as soon as it becomes feasible.

To do these things and to keep our research and media feed up to date we need your help. We pay $6,500 per year to keep the site up and several times that to staff it and run the office. A drive to add 3,000 new advocates through advertising and the resource of CQ will cost about $10,000.

PACI is a tool that can make an enormous difference in our ability to make the Polish American voice heard in a remarkably effective way. We get your views to the right people in minutes and we know it makes a difference. In recent days alone we have heard from seven congressional offices requesting information as a result of the relationships PACI has helped us develop.

This season more than any other is one where we can magnify our voice and expand our influence.

Please check out the PACI website for yourself at: www.PACIconnect.org

To sign up for our PACI mailing list please click HERE.

Please contact us at: info@paciconnect.org with any additional questions

If you would like to support this program please use the button below to make a donation. Your donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.


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