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Census Services
Piast Institute is a U.S. Census Information Center

The Polish Community in the 2010 Census

The 2010 United States Census was different than previous versions and it was essential that you identified yourself as having Polish ancestry! This information will be utilized by companies, organizations and the government in understanding how many Polish Americans live in each U.S. state and how important Polish-Americans are as consumers and constituents.

Piast Institute Census Services

As a Census Information Center (CIC), Piast Institute has access to all major databases of U.S. census information. It has a special interest in developing data on ancestry and ethnic groups with a particular focus on Polish Americans. The Piast Institute regularly produces summary and analytical reports on a wide variety of topics using census data as well as information from a wide variety of other public and private non-proprietary sources for organizations, non-profits and private businesses. Piast Institute’s demographic, social and economic reports are used by non-profit and for-profit organizations for marketing, recruiting, applying for grants and for program evaluation and assessment.

To request research or information from the Piast Institute please fill out this form and mail it back or email it to: info@piastinstitute.org. To obtain the form please click here. For more information, please contact Dominik Stecula or Dr. Radzilowski.

The United States Census Information Center program

The Piast Institute is an official CIC for the United States. There are only 50 such centers in the United States, and the Piast Institute is the only CIC located in Michigan and it is the only CIC whose mission includes a special emphasis on a European ethnic groups.

The CIC is a cooperative program between the U.S. Census Bureau and national, regional, and local Census Information Centes located at Universities, Research Centers and other non-profit organizations serving specific populations. The centers serve as repositories of census data and reports, making census information and data available to the public and the communities they serve.

The CICs use census data in areas such as program planning, advocacy needs assessment, defining service areas, public policy development, developing new business enterprises, and conducting race/ethnic-related research.

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  The Piast Institute is a national research center and official Census Information Center (CIC).