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Online Resources from the Piast Institute

The Piast Institute's staff and Fellows write frequently and often publish their work in academic journals as well as the popular press. In addition, many presentations and speeches are delivered on special occassions to a limited number of people. In an effort to more widely disseminate these works and publications, the Piast Institute has created this virtual library, a montage of communications on issues impacting Poles, Polish Americans and immigrant communities at large.


General Polish
Polonia: Today's Profile Tomorrow's Promise
Polish Americans Today
Polish American Institutions of Higher Learning
Polish Americans and the Bicentennial
American History
General Casimir Pulaski: An American Hero Present at the Creation
Inventing Polonia: Polish American Parochial Schools and the Creation of Polish American Ethnicity, 1880-1950
European History
Ideology, Persecution and Genocide: The Gentle Victims of Nazism
The Genocide of the Poles, 1939-1948
Reflections on a Revolution that Changed Nothing and Everything
The Russian Factor in European Security in the Post Communist Era In Comparative Historical Perspective
The Holocaust and Polish American Identity
With a Whimper Not a Bang: The Fall of Communism and U.S. Ethnic Groups
N.D. Pavlov-Silvanskii and the Revolution of 1905: A Russian Historian Looks at His Own Time
American Labor Movement
Class, Ethnicity and Community: The Polish Americans of Detroit and the Organization of the CIO
Class, Ethnicity and Gender: Polish American Women int he Organization of CIO Unions in Detroit
Polish Workers and the American Labor Movement
Poles and the American Labor Movement
The Relations Between Polish Americans and Blacks in America
The New Ethnicity: Some Observations on its Social and Cultural Implications
Interplay of Class and Ethnicity in Polish-American Radicalism
Basic Elements of Catholic Social Thought 
A Short Guide to a French Catholic Understanding of the Modern World: Mounier and Maritain 
Roman Catholics and Immigrants in the Age of Chautauqua 
Class, Ethnicity and Gender: Polish American Women int he Organization of CIO Unions in Detroit 
Immigrant Nationalism and Feminism: Glos Polek and the Polish Women's Alliance in America, 1898-1917 
Polish Immigrant Women in the New World 
Migration and Immigration
Polish Emigration Before 1914
Migration and the Prairie
Patterns of Slavic Secondary Migrations as Reflected in Fraternal Records 1895-1905
Ethnic Conflict and the Polish Americans of Detroit, 1921-42
Polish Americans in Detroit Politics
Exhibit as Mirror: Documenting the Polish Experience in Detroit
PAHA and St. Mary's College and the Orchard Lake Schools: A Historiographic Retrospective 1942 - 2002



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