Biographies of Piast Institute Staff, Directors and Fellows

Sandy Porter
Aleksandra (Sandy) Porter

The Piast Institute is an Immigration Assistance Center accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The Piast Institute currently has an accredited representative, Aleksandra (Sandy) Porter who is fully accredited and has twenty years of immigration experience as well as an outstanding reputation within our various communities within Michigan. She aides the USCIS office in Detroit with Naturalization Ceremonies by acquiring donated locations, donated guest speakers, and donated masters of ceremonies, and contributes to preparation of printed ceremony pamphlets and execution of actually ceremony commencement.

Ms. Porter works closely with all ethnic communities from the state of Michigan, such as Macedonians, Hispanics, Polish, Bangladesh, Russian, Chinese, Chaldean, Ukrainian, and the Arabic community as well. She attends many immigration meetings through MIRC and the USCIS as well as many private classes concerning immigration needs. She is competent in family immigration matters such as the I-130, fiancée’ visas, H1B visas, Labor Certifications, VAWA cases, U visas, Adjustment of Status, N-400, Employment Authorization to name a few. In addition, she represents clients in court cases, as well as, immigration interviews with clients at the USCIS office in Detroit.

Her professionalism is well known and appreciated for the resources and collaborations with communities, people, and the government to aide our good country in welcoming immigrants safely, correctly and aides in building confidence in our local communities.

To contact Ms. Porter please call at (248) 366-7328 or email her at:


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